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rowdiebird229's Journal

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The poison of choice for assassins.
29 February
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10-96: mental
Ill-Intentioned Proclaimations of Gloom.

absurdity, afi, agnostic front, alexander henry fabric, ann arbor, aquarians, archie comics, art deco, astrology, b horror movies, bad manners, bagpipes, bar brawls, basil gogos, bats, bela lugosi, body modification, boots, britcom, british humor, capricorns, ccr, ceili dancing, classic cars, claude brown, coalminer's kennel, coffee, colbert report, cold as life, cooking, cowpunk, craic, ctyc, cubism, dadism, dan brereton, dave burke, denver, detroit, dia de los muertos, dickies, dms, dogs, dropkick murphys, eating, fishnets, forensic science, frank mccourt, fruit bats, funeral homes, futurism, ghosts, good friends, good laughs, greasers, gris grimly, hallowe'en, hank williams, hats, hauntings, hearses, ireland, irish folk songs, irregular choice, jack-o-lanterns, john william waterhouse, john zacherle, jose guadelupe posada, krampus, leap year, lewis black, louis armstrong, madball, martha stewart, metal, mexican food, michigan, milwaukee, mma, mods, mohawks, monkeys, monster trucks, monsters, motorhead, motown, multiple personality disorder, murphy's law, nose art, npr, oi, old country, old hardcore, old school, oldies, operation ivy, orthar the tooth collector, owls, painting, phil brinkman, photography, picking my nose, pirates, pist n' broke, poltergeists, popping zits, psychology and extreme violence, pumpkins, punk, punks, quittin' time, ramones, ray stevens, richard allen, rock and roll, rockabilly, rowdies, scooters, sculpture, sea horses, serial killers, shillelagh law, sick of it all, skarhead, skeletons, skinheads, sleeping, smokey robinson, soul, staffordshire bull terriers, surrealism, tank girl, tattoos, ted nugent, the bruisers, the business, the darkness, the invaders, the misfits, the nightmare before christmas, the ramones, the young ones, tight levis, tricks or treats, trisomy 18, tyson mcadoo, universal monsters, universal stomp, vincent price, ypsilanti

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