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I got a very part-time job at a restaurant that just opened in Fountain Square. It's a modern take on an English pub. The owners are engaged and the lass is British so it's got street cred.

The uniform for the girls, if you are okay with it (totally not mandated; the owners are awesome), is a Catholic schoolgirl situation. Being an aging punkrock, recovering Catholic, I think it's brilliant.

So... was watching the news today and was reminded that GENCON is coming next month; Huge comicbook convention. I sent a message to the owners saying that he should get a few girls downtown during the convention in our uniforms and pass out flyers. He said that was a good idea and he would work up the flyers tomorrow! I love it when people think my ideas are as awesome as I do. I'm such a dork.

If you are in or around Indianapolis, the restaurant is called the Red Lion Grog House. No grog until the alcohol license hearing in April. But their menu is very good and the owners are too cool for school!



It took me four tries to get to the damn yoga studio to submit my application for Yoga Teacher Training. Three times they were closed. Fourth time, open! By the time I got home I got a call from the studio and they told me that I was accepted into the program!

I asked about scholarship opportunities, and while there really aren't any, I explained my situation and was told that it would be taken into consideration. This worked out well, I think. If for some reason I can't pay the amount that I need to in the time alloted, they may be able to cut me some slack.

But hopefully I will be able to swing it. Daddy said that he could help but he thinks that I'm kinda living a pipe dream.

I'm going to start volunteering at the women's shelter in town. The best case scenerio would be that I get hired on. The second best would be that I can enter into a contract with them to teach classes after I graduate.

Lady GagMe

My dad knows who Lady Gaga is because I am addicted to Bravo's soapoperas Real Housewives of Anywhere. Bravo had many commercials advertising their clothsmaking series which featured Lady Gaga.

Dad told me today that he heard on NPR that Lady Gaga was supposed to play at Purdue University. The show started at 9, and at 8:30 apparently, someone took the stage and said that she was too sick to perform. They weren't going to refund the ticket cost because the performance was to be rescheduled. This created a ruckus because most of those in attendance weren't from the Indiana/Indianapolis/West Lafayette area.

I read on Oh No They Didn't that she taped a performance for Oprah straight after she cancelled that gig.

Hm. I love my daddy because he is secretly interested in that kind of bullshit. I just told him about it. He laughed. Laughed/scoffed. I mean, if it made the local NPR station...

David Nail - Red Light

Verse 1
so this is how it ends
this is where it all goes down
this is what I don't love you feels like

It aint the middle of the night
and it aint even raining outside
It aint exactly what i had in mind.
For goodbye

Chrous 1
at a redlight in the sunshine
on a sunday nothing to say
don't even try

some are coming home
some are leaving town
while my worlds crashing down
on a sunday in the sunshine at a red light

Verse 2
I thought she was going to say
something about that couple kissing
accrossing the street
our something about this beautiful day

but she just looked me in the eye
said its over didnt try to lie or pick a fight
I might have seen it
coming that way

Chrous 1 Again

theres a mama
calming down a little baby
in the backseat in front of me

theres an old man dressed
in his sunday best
just waiting on green
but i cant see getting past

Chrous 2
this redlight in the sunshine
on a sunday nothing to say
don't even try

some are coming home
some are leaving town
while my worlds crashing down
on a sunday in the sunshine at a red light

Repeat Chrous 1 Twice

mixed message

As much as I'm loving country music right now, it's bittersweet.

50 per cent of the songs I love and identify with.
50 per cent of the songs I hate because they are smarmy love bullshit.

But still better than Top 40 Pop. Sorry, B!!

Nov. 20th, 2009

Is this a viable resource for exchange anymore?
For the first time ever my Dad validated my art.

Hell on Earth

I met a random group of people on the internet. It makes sense to me, since I am so socially awkward.

One person I met was Kelly Sloane. She, like me, is a single mother. She, unlike me, a single mom, but Dillon doesn't have the benefit/determent of the "baby daddy".

Kelly has become one of my closest friends. This moniker I do not give lightly. It may not be worth much, but it is priceless to me. She is one of my closeest friends, even though I haven't been much of a friend to her lately as I've been wrapped up in my own bullshit.

Kelly is the most true person I've ever met. And she is in need. She is probably horrified by this but it's all I can do, 3000 miles away.

Dillon had contracted a disease that has left him blind. I am tryin to gather a benefit in their honour....

If you want to play at the benefit or donate, please let me know.

I don't want to make this harder for her than it already is...